Can I Use MGM Reward Points For Freeplay?

You’ve earned a substantial amount of MGM reward points through your loyalty and frequent stays at MGM Resorts. Now, you’re wondering if you can put those hard-earned points towards some thrilling casino freeplay. Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore the possibilities of using your MGM reward points for freeplay at your favorite MGM Resorts destinations, giving you the chance to indulge in some unforgettable gaming experiences without spending a dime. So, sit back, relax, and let’s find out how you can make the most of your loyalty.

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Understanding MGM Reward Points

What are MGM Reward Points?

MGM Reward Points are a form of loyalty currency offered by MGM Resorts International. These points can be earned by participating in various activities at MGM Resorts properties, such as gambling, dining, shopping, and staying at their hotels.

How can you earn MGM Reward Points?

There are multiple ways to earn MGM Reward Points. When you engage in gaming activities at any MGM Resorts casino, every dollar you spend on slot machines, table games, or poker will earn you points. Additionally, dining at participating restaurants, shopping at select retail outlets, or booking a stay at an MGM Resorts hotel can also help you accumulate reward points.

What can you use MGM Reward Points for?

MGM Reward Points can be redeemed for a wide range of rewards and benefits. You can use your accumulated points towards hotel stays, dining discounts, entertainment tickets, spa services, and even exclusive experiences. These rewards provide you with the opportunity to enhance your overall experience at MGM Resorts and make the most of your loyalty.

How do MGM Reward Points work?

MGM Reward Points operate on a straightforward system. The more you spend and engage in various activities at MGM Resorts, the more points you earn. Your points are then added to your account, which you can access through the MGM Resorts loyalty program website or mobile app. The accumulated points can be redeemed for the rewards and benefits of your choice. It’s a simple and rewarding way to enjoy the perks of your loyalty to MGM Resorts.

Freeplay at MGM Resorts

What is freeplay?

Freeplay refers to complimentary gaming credits that can be used at slot machines, video poker machines, or electronic table games at MGM Resorts casinos. It allows you to enjoy the thrill of gambling without risking your own money. Freeplay is a popular feature among loyal customers, as it provides an opportunity to win real money without any additional cost.

How does freeplay work at MGM Resorts?

When you earn freeplay at MGM Resorts, the credits are typically added to your account electronically. You can access your freeplay balance through your loyalty program account or by visiting the redemption kiosks available at the participating MGM Resorts properties. Once you have your freeplay credits, you can use them by inserting your loyalty card into a gaming machine, selecting “freeplay” as your payment method, and enjoying the games.

Can you use MGM Reward Points for freeplay?

Yes, you can use your MGM Reward Points for freeplay at MGM Resorts. By redeeming your reward points, you can receive freeplay credits that can be used at the gaming machines mentioned earlier. This allows you to put your accumulated loyalty points toward enjoying the excitement of the casino floor. It’s a fantastic way to enhance your experience without spending additional money.

Are there any restrictions on using MGM Reward Points for freeplay?

While MGM Reward Points can be used for freeplay, it is important to note that there may be certain restrictions and guidelines to consider. For example, there may be a minimum number of points required to redeem for freeplay. Additionally, there may be specific terms and conditions associated with the use of freeplay, such as time limitations or restrictions on certain games. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the details to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Redeeming MGM Reward Points

How can you redeem MGM Reward Points?

Redeeming MGM Reward Points is a simple and user-friendly process. To begin, you need to log in to your loyalty program account either through the MGM Resorts website or mobile app. Once logged in, navigate to the rewards section, where you will find a list of available redemption options. Select the reward you wish to redeem, follow the prompts provided, and confirm your redemption. Your chosen reward will be applied to your account, and you can begin enjoying the benefits immediately.

What are the different redemption options?

MGM Resorts offers a diverse range of redemption options for your MGM Reward Points. In addition to freeplay, you can redeem your points for hotel stays, dining discounts, entertainment tickets, spa services, and more. The flexibility of the rewards program allows you to tailor your redemptions to your preferences and interests, ensuring that you have the best possible experience at MGM Resorts.

Is freeplay one of the redemption options?

Yes, freeplay is indeed one of the redemption options available for MGM Reward Points. You can choose to use your points solely for freeplay, should you wish to immerse yourself in the excitement of the gaming floor. However, it’s important to assess your personal preferences and priorities to determine whether freeplay or another redemption option would be the most beneficial and enjoyable use of your loyalty points.

Factors to Consider

Minimum number of MGM Reward Points required

When considering the redemption of MGM Reward Points, it’s important to be aware of the minimum point requirement for each option. For example, certain rewards may have a higher points threshold than others. Understanding these requirements can help you plan and prioritize your point accumulation strategy to ensure you can access the rewards you desire.

Expiration dates of MGM Reward Points

MGM Reward Points may have expiration dates, so it’s crucial to stay informed about the validity of your points. Regularly check your loyalty program account or subscribe to email notifications to receive updates on any expiring points. By staying proactive, you can make the most of your accumulated points before they expire.

Availability of freeplay rewards

While freeplay is a frequently offered redemption option, it’s essential to check the availability of freeplay rewards at any given time. This availability may vary depending on promotional offers, seasonal factors, and events. By monitoring the reward program’s updates and promotions, you can seize the opportunity to redeem your points for freeplay when it aligns with your preferences.

Terms and conditions for using MGM Reward Points for freeplay

Before redeeming your MGM Reward Points for freeplay, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions specific to this redemption option. These may include limitations on the amount of freeplay you can use per day, restrictions on certain games, or expiration periods for the credited freeplay. Understanding and adhering to these guidelines will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience when utilizing your loyalty points for freeplay purposes.

Maximizing Your MGM Reward Points

Tips to earn more MGM Reward Points

To earn more MGM Reward Points, consider taking advantage of various opportunities. Engaging in gaming activities more frequently, dining at participating restaurants, and booking stays at MGM Resorts hotels will help you accumulate points at a faster pace. Additionally, keeping an eye out for special promotions, such as bonus point offers or partnerships that provide additional earning opportunities, can further boost your points balance.

Strategies to accumulate a significant number of points

If you have a specific goal in mind, such as redeeming your points for a luxurious hotel stay or an extravagant dining experience, it can be beneficial to employ strategies to accumulate a significant number of points. For instance, planning and consolidating your visits to MGM Resorts may allow you to earn points more efficiently. Choosing higher points-earning gaming machines, participating in tournaments, or exploring VIP programs can also help expedite your point accumulation.

Best Redemption options to get the most value

To get the most value out of your MGM Reward Points, consider redeeming them for rewards that align with your preferences and interests. This could be a luxurious hotel stay, fine dining experiences, or exclusive access to shows and events. By selecting rewards that you genuinely enjoy and would typically spend money on, you maximize the value of your loyalty points and enhance your overall MGM Resorts experience.

Alternatives to Freeplay with MGM Reward Points

Other ways to use MGM Reward Points

Beyond freeplay, MGM Reward Points offer a wide array of alternative uses. One popular option is utilizing your points for dining discounts. MGM Resorts offers a range of restaurants and cuisines to choose from, and by redeeming your points, you can enjoy exquisite meals while saving on your bill. Additionally, you can use your points for hotel discounts, spa services, or even score exclusive access to high-demand shows and events.

Dining, entertainment, and hotel discounts

MGM Reward Points open doors to various discounts on dining, entertainment, and hotel accommodations. By redeeming your points for dining discounts, you can savor delectable culinary experiences at reduced prices. Similarly, discounts on entertainment options, such as shows, concerts, or even attractions, allow you to enjoy entertainment offerings with the added advantage of significant savings. Additionally, using your points for hotel discounts can make your stay at an MGM Resorts property more affordable and enjoyable.

Complimentary rooms and suite upgrades

Another enticing use of MGM Reward Points is redeeming them for complimentary rooms or suite upgrades. By accumulating a sufficient number of points, you can elevate your stay to a higher room category or even enjoy a complimentary night at an MGM Resorts hotel. These perks can significantly enhance your travel experiences and create lasting memories without the worry of incurring substantial expenses.

Exclusive access to shows, events, and experiences

MGM Reward Points provide you with the opportunity to access exclusive shows, events, and experiences that are typically in high demand. By redeeming your points, you can secure tickets to highly anticipated concerts, sporting events, or even behind-the-scenes experiences that offer a unique glimpse into the world of MGM Resorts. This exclusive access allows you to create unforgettable moments and cultivate lasting connections with the entertainment world.

Best Practices for Using MGM Reward Points

Understanding the reward program’s rules and guidelines

To make the most of your MGM Reward Points, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines of the reward program. This includes reading up on the terms and conditions, understanding point accrual and redemption mechanisms, and staying informed about any updates or changes to the program. By being well-informed, you can navigate the loyalty system with confidence and optimize your experiences and rewards.

Regularly checking for reward promotions and offers

MGM Resorts frequently offers promotions and special deals for loyalty program members. To ensure you don’t miss out on any valuable rewards or opportunities, make it a habit to regularly check for reward promotions and offers. This can be done through email newsletters, the loyalty program website, or by following MGM Resorts’ official social media channels. By staying in the loop, you can take advantage of exclusive promotions and maximize the benefits of your loyalty.

Planning your visits to maximize the benefits

When it comes to utilizing your MGM Reward Points, strategic planning can go a long way. By mapping out your visits to MGM Resorts properties and aligning them with promotional periods or special events, you can maximize the benefits and offerings available to you. Planning ahead allows you to make the most of your time and resources, ensuring you can fully utilize your MGM Reward Points and create moments of joy and excitement.

Keeping track of your MGM Reward Points balance

Regularly monitoring your MGM Reward Points balance is crucial to understanding your available options and planning your redemptions effectively. Keep track of your point balance through the loyalty program website, mobile app, or by contacting customer service. By staying aware of your points status, you can make informed decisions and ensure that you optimize the utility and value of your MGM Reward Points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I combine cash and MGM Reward Points for freeplay?

Yes, it is possible to combine cash and MGM Reward Points for freeplay. This flexibility allows you to choose the amount of cash or points you wish to contribute towards your freeplay. Whether you prefer to use a combination of both or solely rely on your points, it’s entirely up to you and your personal preferences.

How can I check my MGM Reward Points balance?

To check your MGM Reward Points balance, you can log in to your loyalty program account on the MGM Resorts website or mobile app. Once logged in, you should be able to view your current points balance. Alternatively, you can inquire about your balance at the loyalty program desk located at any participating MGM Resorts property.

Do MGM Reward Points expire?

Yes, MGM Reward Points can expire if they are not used within a certain timeframe. The expiration policy may vary, so it’s important to stay informed about the validity of your points. Regularly checking your loyalty program account or staying updated through email notifications will help you prevent the loss of your hard-earned points.

Can I transfer my MGM Reward Points to someone else?

Unfortunately, MGM Reward Points are generally non-transferable and can only be used by the account holder. It’s important to keep this in mind and plan your redemptions accordingly. However, certain exceptions or special circumstances may allow for authorized transfers, so it’s worth contacting the loyalty program’s customer service for more information.


In conclusion, MGM Reward Points offer enticing benefits and opportunities for loyal customers of MGM Resorts International. Understanding how these reward points work, as well as the various redemption options available, allows you to maximize the value and enjoyment of your loyalty. Whether you choose to use your points for freeplay, dining discounts, hotel stays, or exclusive access to shows and events, MGM Reward Points provide you with a gateway to enhanced experiences and lasting memories. So start exploring the possibilities, plan your visits strategically, and embrace the advantages of being a loyal member of the MGM Resorts family.